When To Hire A Facepainter: Children’s Party Edition

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Face painting is one of the easiest and most fun ways to add a pop of color to any celebration, especially a children’s party. From fundraisers in the local community to holiday themed parties, face painting is for guests of all ages and sizes!

What To Look For In A Face Painter

When it comes to hiring a face painter for your children’s party or birthday celebration, there are a few things you need to take into consideration first. 

Time. When it comes to hosting a birthday whether it’s 10 or 100 people you need to make sure there is time for all the scheduled activities. Will all of the guests in attendance want their face painted, and if so will this be possible? 

Start by asking the face painter what time it takes on average per design. From there based on the number of guests in attendance you can come up with an idea of how long their services will be needed to ensure that all the children and their friends have time to partake in face painting fun! 

Designs & Materials 

After you’ve decided how long you’ll need to hire your face painting artist for, the next step is narrowing down the designs. Let’s say you’re celebrating your daughter’s 6th birthday and she loves butterflies. Does this artist have the ability to paint designs that match the theme of your party? On top of that are they able to customize some of the designs to meet your guests needs? 

Oftentimes artists are more than happy to alter their design to meet what you had in mind, however it’s always a good idea to touch base on this ahead of time! 

Location and Rates for Face Painting at Your Children’s Party

Covering charges beforehand is another great idea to make sure your party goes as smoothly as possible! We recommend discussing rates with your artist and asking how that reflects time, distance, group size, etc. Most artists have predetermined rates which makes it easy to gauge the cost upfront, however some do charge an additional fee for things like driving distance and equipment rental so it’s a good plan to double check. Annie’s Face Painting Rates can be found below. 

  • Cost: $75 an hour
  • 10’ x 10’ tent rental: $35/day

Materials Used

When it comes to children, safety is the utmost priority. So when you are exploring who to hire as your face painting artist there are a few things you should ask ahead of time. Making sure your artist uses material and paints that are non toxic and safe to be used on skin is of the utmost importance. While we dont want paint running down the children’s faces, the design should be able to be washed off easily with soap and water at the end of the day. While children oftentimes have sensitive skin, most artists offer full face designs or partial face designs for those that may not be sure how their skin will react. 

About Annie McInnes,(Founder, Annie’s Face Painting in Denver, CO)

As a local retired art teacher, Annie is trained in not only art but working with children! With a love for all things art, Annie loves to get creative when coming up with designs and is happy to make something magical for your children’s party to meet the needs of all the guests at an event!

To learn more about Annie’s techniques, materials used, and rates you can reach out to annie.mcinnes@gmail.com or book a consultation online here.

We look forward to hearing from you and getting creative with face painting together!